MEET THE PARTY Set in the triangular world of Pingolo, HeckQuest follows the journey of four heroes with the worst luck imaginable. Whenever they're fighting evil or doing good deeds, there's always some unforeseeable element trying to screw them over. HeckQuest is created by Corey Boynton and Aidan Osgood
Whoa, Buddy! This series contains some bad words, violence and mature themes.
Welp Guess you should head on back to the kid stuff, then.
Shmorpo This little gremlin is a forest elf from the Thumbus Kingdom. She is a #relatable magic school dropout cursed with incredibly bad luck. After being responsible for many accidental deaths, injuries, disasters and other atrocities, she now travels the land trying to clear her name by doing good deeds and fighting evil. She's always making dangerous spur-of-the-moment decisions and cracking crude jokes. Her magic is based around the four seasons and is her primary method of defense. despite how bad she is at it. She also has a boyfriend who is an automaton from the totalitarian island nation of Country.
Baculum Baculum was a highly respected bard from the Thumbus Kingdom until one of Shmorpo's fire spells burned off his skin in the midst of battle. Now he is a skeleton helping Shmorpo with her quest. In addition to helping his friend, he's also traveling to meet all the sexy monsters he wants to sleep with. Though he is sexually frustrated because nobody wants to sleep with a skeleton man for some reason. He fights with a trombone which is also a gun. He also has an array of other musical instruments in his magical sack.
Sprout Sprout is a little tree man from the enchanted Pompohollo Forest. It is his destiny to become the bravest, most honorable and legendary warrior in all of Pingolo. He takes life very seriously and is willing to die for his friends. He travels with Shmorpo and the gang to find the giants who destroyed his village and slay them, which by the way totally wasn't Shmorpo and Baculum. They did not accidentally trip and squish his village. That absolutely is not what happened.
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