Newt is a sentient green ball who lives on the distant planet of Zlorpagos. He goes on all sorts of adventures with his best friend, May O'Naise. From hunting treasure in the sky to competing in hot sauce competitions, there is no limit to the adventures Newt has.
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Newt and the Crumbling Walls of Capitalism
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NEWT Newt is a funny green ball thing who likes going on adventures and doing funny things. New things excite him greatly and he's always willing to jump head first into the action. Though his way of life is often chaotic and irrational, he tries his best to look out for others and attempt to make the world a better place.
MAY May is a human from a far off planet known as "Earth". She often engages with Newt's wacky shenanigans, though occasionally tries to act as the voice of reason. Contrary to Newt's somewhat dangerous fearlessness, she is generally more cautious and wary. Her parents are astronauts who came to Zlorpagos as part of a space colonization mission. Since they are often away working on important astronaut duties, May has been raised by the TV and bases much of her advice from entertainment.
STAN Stan is Newt's angsty older brother. He is typically disinterested in Newt's daily shenanigans, but is often roped into them anyway. He's spineless, literally, as he basically has no bones. He's capable of morphing his body into a variety of shapes, with his favorite form being a miserable, lazy blob. Though he may seem lacking in motivation, he is skilled in art and is pretty chill when he's in a good mood or hanging out with friends.
YURIKO Yuriko is the OC you drew in MS Paint after skimming through a "How to Draw Manga" book that you bought at your school's book fair. She's essentially an alien cyborg with a katana that she keeps in her hair. She tries to come off as a great hero, though is often clumsy and stressed. She is also skilled mechanic, epic gamer, a terrible driver and a lover of anime, parties and cute girls. She's also desperately broke and is often seen doing odd jobs in order to pay rent for her crummy apartment.
Frank is the adopted father of Newt and Stan. He is a renowned scientist, though his field of science is never really defined. Despite his busy career, he always makes time for his kids. He's often supportive with whatever strange activity Newt is up to but isn't hesitant to step in when things get too dangerous or out of control. He also generally misunderstands a lot of what the kids are into, despite his efforts to seem cool. FRANK
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